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Employment Value Proposition

SDL Technology is a small personable company that thrives from great team work, and having staff that go above and beyond expectations for our customers and clients. Working at SDL Technology allows our staff and team to use and develop their education and skills in a practical working environment. Staff experience new challenges every day and are given the freedom to do work that inspires them. We asked our staff what they value the most while working at SDL Technology, and they said, “The ability to discuss and deliberate ideas and proposals with likeminded people.” Below is some other responses that our staff gave us as to why they enjoy working at SDL Technology.

Then a 10 dot point list of the most important benefits of working with SDL Technology

  1. The ability to work in the field that interests me
  2. Work experience on site and with clients
  3. Creativity and inspiration is nurtured
  4. An opportunity to work in a team environment
  5. Opportunity to help someone people every day
  6. Working in a local area that is easily accessible from the city
Job Title Job Description Application Deadline
IT Consultant Home & Business IT Support. Both on site and Remote. Always Open
Junior IT Technician Business IT Support, onsite and remote. Troubleshooting and Installation. Basic Tech Support and customer relations Required. 14th February 2016
Junior Web Developer Website Development and maintenance. Build, create and Maintain Client websites Basic PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS Required. 14th February 2016

Job Vacancy section

SDL Technology is always looking for motivated, intuitive and inspirational individuals who are dedicated to make a difference in the IT industry.

Below is the list of available jobs open for application, please do not be deterred if the available applications are not for you. We are always willing to accept resumes and cover letters for future consideration. We regularly update the table below with job applications so keep an eye out on SDL Technology.

When responding to the job vacancies please make sure of the following: